September 18, 2017

Club Activities

 I am asking for an invitation through email at or phone 515-360-7542, to visit all of the clubs in the 9NW District. Some district governors had the schedule of all clubs lined up for the entire year before the year began. I would have liked to have been that organized.


AKRON collected eyeglasses.

CARROLL donated $250 to help blood cancervictims through Blood, Sweat, & Tears; manned the Iowa KidSight booth at the State Fair; partnered with Adaptive Sports Iowa to man a Beep Ball booth at Carroll Fest where kids were challenged to hit a Beep ball with their eyes closed to simulate blindness; provided hearing aids for persons in need; held eye screenings for disadvantaged children attending a Health Fair at New Opportunities for Health & Wellness and with Pre-K and Kindergarten children in Denison; raised over $2,000 for the Lions Wishing Well, a coin spinning well which also displays the business cards of the sponsors. Six of the sponsors being Lions provided the core of the project at $99 each.

CHEROKEE recycled paper and cardboard, receiving Environmental Services credit by collecting 1-2 tons each week, then Lions bailed at the land ll.

CHURDAN provided assistance to individuals through Meals on Wheels to the elderly in the nearby area on a weekly basis ve days a week.

FORT DODGE EVENING donated $1,000 to LCIF, giving generously as the second donation totaling $2,000 donated towards the Lions Eye Bank Centennial Legacy Project; gave $200 each to the Iowa Puppy Program, Iowa Central Community College for “Bucks for Books”, Fort Dodge Domestic Abuse Center; donated $400 to the Salvation Army food pantry; $1,700 to Iowa Lions Foundation; $1,000 to LCIF; $500 to Leader Dogs Building Fund.

HARTLEY organized the parade for the Hartley Summer Celebration and served a meal at the re station, making $1,216 and donating $400 to the re department; delivered 226 pairs glasses and one hearing aid to the state of ce; contributed $500 to the swimming pool fund; visited the Little Swan Lake Winery in Estherville for a meal and musical entertainment.

MANSON invited its sponsoring club to celebrate its 35th year and enjoy their Centennial dinner with live music from a club member and speakers on economic development and Life Flight.

MARCUS served barbeque pork burgers and pork loins on Aug. 11 and served hamburgers and rib eyes at the local fair on Aug. 13. The club raised over $1,200, which will be used for local scholarships and Lions projects.

PETERSON, in conjunction with the ROYAL Lions, ran three tractor pulls at the Clay County Fair.

SIOUX CITY reported its board and club meetings, planning visitations, survey results, Pancake Days, and a grant to feed the children during the summer.