October 5, 2017


GONE TO THE DOGS! The Rolfe Lions Club recently invited Capt. Sheri Martin from the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility to present a program. Pictured (L-R) are Leader Puppy Karlene, Capt. Sheri Martin, PDG Glenn Markley of the Rolfe Lions Club, Leader Ivy-Green who was sponsered by a lady in Texas, and Pocahontas Lion Brenda Payer, who named Karlene. The club also invited the Pocahontas Lions Club because Karlene was sponsored by the Pocahontas Lions. The puppy got its name from Brenda, who named it after her mother. Brenda’s mother, upon death, donated her corneas to the Iowa Lions Eye Bank. Capt. Sheri works with Leader Dog puppies that the prisoners raise and train. The puppies actually live with the prisoners, which bene ts both the dogs and the inmates. The puppies receive constant training and the inmates experience unconditional love. The Leader Dog puppies grow up and go back to Rochester Hills, Michigan, for more training. Upon graduation from the program, they live for 26 days with the blind person with whom they will probably spend the rest of their lives.