June 24, 2018

Message from the District Governor

2018 9NW District Governor Tim Wilson

Welcome to Lions’ Year 2018-2019!

To the Lions of District 9NW, I am excited to be your district governor for this year. This can be a great year, but for that to happen, we, as the Lions of District 9NW, need to work together. Working to improve our membership, leadership and service will take a team effort. Now, how will we do that? First, we need to build our district leaders. We need more members to step up and get involved in the district leadership. For far too long, our district has not developed the leaders we need to make 9NW better. We need to encourage new leaders from our membership. We have to abandon the practice of using the same old leaders over and over. Don’t get me wrong. We have some great current leaders but they won’t or can’t be around forever. New leaders create an energized membership. An energized membership leads to growth. When members of your club are energized they tend to do a better job of asking people to join Lions.

Energize your members! How can we do this? By getting your club involved in new service projects. This Lions year, I challenge every club in the district to develop or participate in at least one new service project. I’m not talking about a fundraiser. I’m talking about a real hands-on service project. If your club is struggling, let me know and we can brainstorm together to come up with a project to get your members excited to be Lions again.

How do we attract new young members to our clubs? We need to embrace technology! Younger people are busy these days. I suggest using the Your Club Your Way resource. With this program you run your club the way you want it. If a young person wants to be a member of your club but can’t make the meetings, be flexible and invite them to come to your fundraisers or service projects. Use email or texting to forward the meeting minutes to all members. Encourage the use of technology to keep members informed.

Educated members are happy members. By educating your members, I mean teach them about Lions. Too often, we don’t teach our Lions about what it is to be a Lion. Inform them on the history of Lions and howLions Clubs have grown to what we are in the world today. Be proud of our heritage and let your new members know to be proud.

Club Secretaries, please be sure you are reporting your club’s membership and service activities on a monthly basis. If you want your service activities shared with the rest of the district in my column every month, MyLCI is where I download them from.

Also, if your club has photos of your activities please send them to me so we can share them with everyone! You can email them to me at