October 15, 2020

Club Activities

Update On New Clubs

The Denison Latino Lions Branch Club is now operating. They have planned a membership drive as they continue to work toward charter strength and we hope to hear soon about their first club project.
As of Feb. 11, the planned Campus Lions Club at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City had 17 people signed up. They are getting very close to charter strength and are eager to get started!


2020-2021 District Convention
You might be asking, district convention talk already? Yes, mark your Lions calendars for March 27, 2021. That is when our district will be celebrating what we have accomplished for the year. Currently, I plan to have it in Fort Dodge. I encourage all members to attend. I plan to make sure everyone will have fun! If you are looking to grow your club, well, getting your members to the district convention is
a step in the right direction. Let’s see how many members we can get to come! Check back for more details in the next few months.

AKRON Last year they held a Father’s Day golf tournament, raising $1,300.

CARROLL Last year they held a Grocery Grab at Hy-Vee, a team competition to restock food pantries, raising over $3,000 in food and cash which was divided between two local pantries.
Soup Day raised $5,000; did eye screenings of 218 children in Jefferson, Churdan and Wall Lake.

CHURDAN delivered Meals on Wheels 5 days a week every week, serving 150 people; awarded a scholarship to a high school senior.

FORT DODGE NOON – Held a food drive in the community for the local food pantry.
Last year they
held a steak fry, raising $4,000.
Delivered Meals on Wheels every week, five days a week, serving 140 people; hosted KidSight eye screenings; painted caboose in Lions Park.

EAGLE GROVE Last year they led the Coats for Kids project which provided 302 coats (as well as undies, sweats, etc.) to needy students in Merrill, Hinton and Le Mars.
We are aware that at least part of the reason so little is being reported is because a lot of our clubs have not yet figured out how to use the new MyLion reporting system. This month the only things reported by clubs on MyLion were a few monetary donations, which do great good but which I generally don’t report here because our motto is “We Serve” not “We Write Checks.” I would much rather report on hands-on projects you are doing for your community. The two items mentioned above were both reported to me via email, not MyLion.
If you need help with MyLion, contact District IT Chair Carl Duling. His contact info is in the Who’s Who, or can be obtained from the State Office or
DG Dale.Please report your service! We want to know and celebrate what you are doing to serve your community and the wider world!
We are planning to provide a Technology Help Desk at our district convention. If you still need help with MyLion, MyLCI, or anything else in Lions related to technology, you will be able to talk in person with knowledgeable people who can help you.

FORT DODGE NOON delivered 6,000 pairs of used eyeglasses to North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City; has collected 107 used hearing aids to be delivered to Ames to be taken to the Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank.

HARTLEY Last year they gave $500 to a family dealing with medical issues; awarded $250 scholarships to eight graduating seniors.

MANSON Last year they collected office equipment at Clean Up Days to donate money to a ministry needs fund for travelers who need money for gas while passing through town; awarded $200 scholarship to two graduating seniors.

MERRILL Last year they once each month four members serve supper at the Sioux City Gospel Mission.

ROCKWELL CITY Last year they awarded scholarships to two graduating seniors; held Friday Night on the Square fundraisers; did fundraising for Relay for Life; fundraiser at Twin Lakes Garage Sale.

SIOUX CITY Last year they bought eyeglasses for three individuals; gave 200 pairs of used eyeglasses to a doctor to take on a mission to Tanzania.

WOODWARD  Last year they awarded $300 scholarships to three graduating seniors (nursing, medical, and business); grilled pork loin sandwiches for a fundraiser at Friends and Neighbors Day.
Served a warm meal and treats to the community as part of Beggars Night on Halloween, with five Lions serving about 100 people, 60 of them children.

In Memoriam 2020/2021  – Our sympathy to the families and friends of these Lions who have completed their service on earth.
Steve Springer/Fort Dodge Noon/Years a Lion – 35
John Feikema/Orange City /Years a Lion – 8
Duane Anderson/Wall Lake/Years a Lion – 20
Victor Johnson/Wall Lake/Years a Lion – 20