October 15, 2020

Message from the PDG’s Team

Welcome to Lions’ Year 2021-2022 & Our NEW  PDG’s Team!

Good news from 9NW! In spite of the fact that we don’t have an official District Governor this coming year, a group of experienced PDG’s have formed a new task force to serve our clubs. This Editor is proud to be one of them! Naturally, since this is a new situation for everyone, it will take some time before it all clicks together but we are ready to follow the classic Lions motto, WE SERVE!

PDG Cliff Weldon from Fort Dodge will be one of our front men and will take care of club visits, LCIF matters and more. Highly respected, he served as DG in 2002- 2003 and is a long-time Club Secretary in the Noon Lions Club. He can be reached at 515-408-8145 or e-mail at .

PDG Dale Schoening  from the Boone Lions. In addition to being a Trustee for our Iowa Lions Foundation, PDG Dale will also be our contact with the incoming Council of Governors and with the State Office in Ames. PDG Dale served as our DG in 2019-2020 and is well remembered by our clubs. His contact information is ph. 515-290-7737 and e-mail .

PDG Glenn Markley  from the Rolfe Lions Club will be another of our Task Force members and will assist with club visits and more. A driving force in our district, PDG Glenn served as DG in 2014-2015 and can be reached at 712-848- 3284 and e-mail . A true Lion!

PDG Stefan Sandberg  is on the team as well. He served as DG in 2013-2014 and has been the Editor of this monthly Newsflash ever since. He will coordinate our district pages in the Iowa Lion and more. Send him all your stories and pictures! The more the better! We need to bang on our drums and energize ourselves from COVID sadness. His e-mail is .

PDG Roger Curtis is on our task force as well, having put in a yeoman’s job in the past and very difficult year. Please give this man a break and let him catch up with his own life for a little while. The rest of us will just have to get the job done for now. Give us a try!