August 30, 2022

Two District Trustees For Iowa Lions Foundation Elected

Without our powerful Foundations we would not have the financial muscle to do big things for our fellow human beings in need. There are two of them; here in Iowa we have our own Iowa Lions Foundation. Through our foundation we support Iowa KidSight, Iowa Lions Eyebank and many other humanitarian efforts. Our District Trustees are Julie Ford  and PDG Mark Essing. They will be happy to come to your club and talk about all the good things our Iowa Lions Foundation does so give one of them a call!

On an International basis we have the mighty Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) which is supported by Lions worldwide. Disaster relief, SightFirst, eradicating measles, the list goes on and on. The point is, we must support our Foundations wholeheartedly and generously with donations, otherwise they cannot do what we expect of them. It’s very important!

Please help DG Pat Essing achieve the District’s goal of 100% club participation in fighting hunger, diabetes, sight & hearing, the environment and child- hood cancer. Beautiful causes! We Serve!