District 9NW Leadership

Past District Governor’s Team: PDG Roger Curtis, PDG Cliff Weldon, PDG Dale Schoening, PDG Glenn Markley, PDG Stefan Sandberg (see Message from the PDG’s news page for more details and bio’s)

1st Vice District Governor: Jim Gill

2nd Vice District Governor: Steve Rehmann

Cabinet Secretary: Raymond Ohlinger

Cabinet Treasurer: Raymond Ohlinger

Immediate Past District Governor: PDG Roger Curtis

Zone 1 Chair District 9NW: Position Open

Akron,  Le Mars, Marcus, Merrill, Remsen, Sioux City

Zone 2 Chair District 9NW: Position Open

Everly, Hartley, Orange City, Paullina, Peterson

Zone 3 Chair District 9NW: Position Open

Rockwell City,  Rolfe, Royal, West Bend

Zone 4 Chair District 9NW: Steve Rehmann

Badger, Dayton, Fort Dodge Noon, Fort Dodge Evening, Lehigh, Manson

Zone 5 Chair District 9NW:  Position Open

Battle Creek, Lake View. Sac City, Schaller, Wall Lake

Zone 6 Chair District 9NW: Position Open

Carroll, Churdan, Coon Rapids Jefferson, Lohrville

Zone 7 Chair District 9NW:  Sandra L. Dickson

Boone,  Grand Junction, Madrid, Ogden, Rippey, Woodward

Alert Chairperson: Raymond Ohlinger

Campus Club – Position Open

Constitution & By-Laws Chairperson: Glenn Markley

Care & Share – Rev. Dale Schoening

Convention Chairpersons: Mike Mulrony

Diabetes Awareness Chairperson: Position Open

District Chaplain – Rev. Chadrich Dietrich

Family & Women Membership –  Michelle Hull

Global Leadership Coordinator: Tim Wilson

Global Membership Coordinator: Sondra Rierson

Global Service Chairperson: Position Open

Honorary Cabinet member – Mark Essing

Information Technology/Web Advisory – District 9NW (WAP): Carl Duling

Iowa KidSight Co-Chairperson: – Steve Rehmann & Helen Kopitzke

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee District 9NW: Roger Curtis

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee District 9NW: Rev. Dale Schoening

LCIF District Chairperson: Cliff Welden

Leader Dog Chairperson: Jess Lewis

PDG Associate Rep – Mark Essing

Peace Poster Chairperson: Juanita Ehret

Public Relations: Stefan Sandberg

Trading: Position Open

Veterans Chairperson: Raymond Ohlinger

Youth Exchange Chairperson: Ardis Lewis